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Overview IDFree is a simple MP3 ID3 tag editor for Windows. It uses the excellent Open Source id3lib library to read and write these ID3 tags. Please see the IDFree FAQ

Screen capture. Click for a larger image.

Why did I write IDFree?

I wanted to fix the tags in my fairly large collection of MP3 files and I couldn't find an editor that would easily allow me to easily apply a single change to multiple files. For instance I wanted to change the genre of an artist (and all of their albums and songs), but existing editors wanted me to change each MP3 file individually.


You can download a precompiled binary here. Download the source from the IDFree project page.


You are welcome to join in the effort to improve IDFree. Please visit the IDFree project page hosted by SourceForge. If you find any bugs please report them here.

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