I changed the artist or album title, but nothing happened.

You must hit the Enter key after typing in the new artist or album title.

Why is it so slow saving changes?

IDFree saves out both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. ID3v1 tags are appended to the end of an MP3 file, and ID3v2 tags are prepended to the beginning. When writing out an ID3v2 tag to a file that did not previously have one IDFree will "move" the entire file back to make space for the new ID3v2 tag. This is a time consuming operation.

Files which already have an ID3v2 tag usually do not suffer this consequence because there is usually enough unused space in the ID3v2 tag to hold any changes.

Where can I get the latest release of IDFree?

Are there any shortcuts?

Pressing the left or right arrow keys when the focus is in either the Artist, Album, or Track lists will move between them.

You can select multiple items (multiple Artists, Albums, or Tracks), and any change will apply to all selected items.

I can't change the <insert your tag name here> tag.

IDFree can only change these tags:

If you wish to have the ability to change any other tags please provide feedback to the IDFree open discussion forum.